Karuk Tribe Housing Authority


Chapter One  Introduction

Chapter Fifteen ~ Personnel Policy   (updated 3-15)
Chapter Two ~   Tribal Ordinance (updated 9/2014) Chapter Sixteen ~ Self Monitoring Policies
Chapter Three Bylaws (updated 9/2014) Chapter Seventeen ~ Financial Management Policies
Chapter Four ~  Facility Policies Chapter Eighteen ~ Investment Policy
Chapter Five ~ Occupancy Agreement Chapter Nineteen Travel & Vehicle Use
Chapter Six  ~   Mutual Help Policy & Program Chapter Twenty Relocation Policy
Chapter Seven ~  Admission for Occupancy (updated 2/13) Chapter Twenty-one ~ Internal Investigation Policy
Chapter Eight  ~  Tenant Lease Form  (updated 2-13) Chapter Twenty-two  ~ Glossary
Chapter Nine  ~ Mutual Help & Maintenance Policy Chapter Twenty-three ~ Home Replacement Grants
Chapter Ten  ~  Mortgage Relief Assistance Program Chapter Twenty-four ~ Home Loan Program
Chapter Eleven   ~ Payment Policies Chapter Twenty-five ~ Home Improvement Grants
Chapter Twelve  ~ Grievance Procedure (updated 9-14) Chapter Twenty-six ~ Down Payment Assistance
Chapter Thirteen ~ Procurement Policy  (updated 2-13) Chapter Twenty-eight ~ Conflict of Interest Policy
Chapter Fourteen Disposition Policy  


Karuk Tribe Housing Authority Mission Statement

The Karuk Tribe Housing Authority (KTHA) will acquire and maintain assets.  KTHA will strive to alleviate the acute shortage of decent, safe, and sanitary dwellings for Native American persons of low and moderate income.  KTHA will promote and sustain the culture, education, language, health, welfare, self-sufficiency, and economic independence of its residents.  Affordable housing services shall include rental, home ownership and model programs.